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Christian Greetings !
Karen and I are especially humbled to be afforded the high honor of serving the people of the great State of New York.New York is home for us and it is indeed good to be home. Thank you for the many phone calls and kind remarks towards us. We are here to serve you and to lead the New York Church of God in the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).
Below are some items that we will be covering over the next two years in regards to the

Commitments To Our Mission and Vision:


We commit ourselves to making prayer the highest priority of the church demonstrated by:
  • Every local church becoming a house of prayer for all nations.
  • Emphasizing communication with God as the highest privilege and greatest responsibility of every member.
  • Modeling by all church leadership of an active and effective prayer life.
  • Uniting with other believers in corporate and intercessory prayer.  (Isa. 56:7; Mark 11:17; Rom. 8:26; 1 Cor. 14:14, 15; I Thess. 5:17; I Tim. 2:1-4, 8; James 5:14, 15)
We commit ourselves to identifying, training and resourcing God-called church planters and to intentionally planting new life-giving churches. This commitment will be demonstrated by:
  • Focusing designated resources of the local church, state/regional offices, and the international offices for planting new churches.
  • Starting the number of church plants equal to a minimum of 3% of the total number of churches in a state/region/nation annually.
  • Developing a certified training program in our Evangelism and Home Missions Department and educational institutions for church planters and home missions.
  • Emphasizing the health and viability of new church plants as well as the number of churches planted.
  • Affirming the different models of church planting for different situations.
  • Recognizing church planting as an apostolic ministry for our day.
(Mat. 16:18; John 4:35; Acts 2:47; 14:23; Eph. 5:25-28)

We commit ourselves to identifying and developing indivi

and challenging them to become servant-leaders. We will demonstrate our commitment by:
  • Creating an environment in which men and women with ministry gifts are developed to serve as servant-leaders.
  • Equipping, empowering and releasing lay leaders to serve as ministry partners both inside and outside the local church.
  • Providing relevant resources and training opportunities for both clergy and laity.
  • Encouraging pastors to lead through vision, to communicate the vision to the congregation and to organize the body and each of its ministry groups so the vision can be realized.
(Mark 3:13-15; 2 Tim. 2:2; 2:15; 3:14-17; Eph. 4:11-13)
We commit ourselves to the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations, to develop committed and faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and to be people of conviction identifiable by:  Their commitment to know what they believe and who they are in Christ;
Their competence through spiritual discipline, calling, and empowerment, and;
Their character development, which will result in reproducing themselves, disciples making disciples.