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Men Empowered by the Spirit

LifeBuilders is the name of our Men’s Ministry in New York. The name LifeBuilders denotes action taken concerning lives. We believe that it is the close association of men with the Master Builder Jesus Christ that is effecting true change among our men. For too long men have relegated spiritual leadership in the home and community to women, afraid to boldly step forward for God. Through LifeBuilders we are beginning to see change in this regard. God is raising up men who are willing to stand up and be counted for Christ.

LifeBuilders offers the following ministry opportunities

  • Resurrection Breakfast
  • Man of Action
  • Pastor Appreciation Sunday
  • Father’s Day Recognition Sunday
  • Laity Alive
  • LifeBuilders Conference

  • Contact LifeBuilders President Noel Francis: Tel: 516-690-0811

    Life Builders – International